Barsby Associates appointed preferred consultancy status with WRAP Cymru

(March 2013)

Any business operating in the hospitality sector serving and manufacturing food can apply for up to £10,000 worth of industry expert consultancy to identify and eliminate waste paid for by WRAP.

Many businesses are unaware of how many tons of food waste they produce and with each ton representing around £1,800 savings could run into several thousands of pounds!

WRAP also have funding for up to £50,000 (80% of total investment) towards capital costs of developing sustainable waste management solutions.

Adrian says; “this is a great programme that can help businesses retain more profit for investment whilst reducing waste and pressures on landfill. Our in depth knowledge of the hospitality sector can help to ensure our advice and support is relevant and will drive maximum savings and improved productivity to your business. Often these improvements also lead to enhanced customer service and satisfaction. Our team includes marketing professional Joanne McKinstry and environmental management expertise from her husband Tony. This level of complimentary experience will help to ensure maximum benefits to your enterprise”

For more information please email: or telephone: 07921787668.

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